Lit Motors C1 - a two-wheeled EV that can balance itself



Have you ever wondered how the way personal mobility could be in the future? We might have imagined commuting to work in a Jetsons’ style flying saucer/suitcase or fantasized being able to simply teleport ourselves from point A to point B. While it might take decades to get all that, here’s is an interesting concept that gives us a peek into the future of personal transportation. The Lit Motors C1 electric vehicle was showcased yesterday at the TechCrunch Disrupt 2012 conference held in San Francisco, California. This vehicle is a fully enclosed two-wheeler with two doors and can self-balance itself, as it is fitted with a cutting-edge gyroscopic stabilizer that counteracts the forces that act on its sides.The result is a two-wheeler that cannot topple over. The C1 seats two people, and is no longer or wider than a big motorcycle, meaning it could fit in to tight parking spots with ease.


      Lit C1Lit C1 Rear View


LIT C1 Side Profile


The C1 is an all-electric vehicle, with an estimated range of 200 miles (320 kms) on a single charge, at an average speed of 65 mph (105 kmph), and top speed is expected to be in the region of 100mph (160kmph). Being an all-electric vehicle, running costs would be as low as $1 every 200 miles (Rs55 for 320 kms), with zero emissions. The manufacturer, Lit Motors, a start-up based in San Francisco, has quoted that once mass production is achieved, the C1 could be available for as low as $12,000 (Rs 6.6 lakhs). The Lit Motors C1 is expected to be launched in 2014, retailing at an initial price of $24,000 (Rs 12 lakhs). The vehicle is currently up for reservation on


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Lit C1 Colours


By Jaichandran Jayapalan


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