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It is often difficult to use navigation tools such as a paper map or a GPS when riding a motorcycle . It is hardly practical to stop frequently to use a paper map, and using a GPS system on the move would mean that rider will need to look away from the road for a few seconds, which isn’t safe.


However, LiveMap, a Russian start-up company, has come up with an innovative solution – a GPS system integrated within a motorcycle helmet. Akin to helmets worn by pilots of fighter jets, the LiveMap helmet will incorporate a heads-up display (HUD), wherein it will project the route map onto the helmet visor, right in the rider’s line of sight. This would aid riders to view the directions without needing to stop or to look away from the road. The user interface for the LiveMap helmet will be based on Android, and controlled by entirely by voice commands, for a complete hands-free experience. This would make navigating while riding a motorcycle much safer than before.


Maps will be available for all countries worldwide. Apart from basic navigation, the LiveMap helmet will also be able to provide local weather information, the traffic situation ahead and local points of interest. The helmet is also comes with 4G LTE to update maps and traffic-related information on the go.


The complete system, comprising of the main control unit, the HUD projector, earphones, microphone and battery, will all be housed within the helmet's carbon-fibre shell, which according to LiveMap will certificated to DOT, ECE 22.05, JIS T 8133, and FCC regulations, so the helmet would be protect the rider's head quite well in case of any impact.


The LiveMap helmet is currently in its initial stages of development, and the company is plans to put in on sale by 2014. Expect this piece of futuristic technology to cost upwards of $2000 (Rs 1,20,000).

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Here's a video explaining the various aspects of the LiveMap helmet:


Check out a few renderings of what the LiveMap helmet would look like when it is done:


Smart Helmet


GPS Map Helmet


GPS Helmet


Helmet with Map


By Jaichandran Jayapalan


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