Road-legal turbine motorcycle breaks 3 world records!


Wonder what would happen if a helicopter’s turbine is squeezed into a motorcycle? Well, that’s exactly what the Mad Max Racing team based out of UK have done. The racing team’s 542 bhp monster motorcycle makes use of a Rolls-Royce helicopter turbine and the results are mind boggling. This crazy engine delivers a torque of about 610 Nm.

Mad Max Streetfighter Turbine Motorcycle

This turbine-powered monster has broken 3 world records at the Straightliners Speed Record event in Elvington, UK. The astounding fact is that this bike is completely road legal. You can ride this bike on a normal rode at a normal pace. The bike has not been stripped of essentials needed for road riding. It has headlights, indicators, horns etc. How awesome is that?

The turbine is fed normal diesel and makes use of normal, road legal DOT tyres. The Mad Max turbine bike is a prototype based on the iconic Y2K turbine motorcycle introduced in 1998. Extreme modifications and engineering has resulted in a bike that cost close to 200,000 GBP for development. The company’s decision to adopt a naked stance for the bike is to proudly display the turbine technology.

The following records were broken by this bike:

·         World’s fastest Turbine Motorcycle

·         World’s fastest Streetfighter

·         World’s fastest flying quarter mile for turbine motorcycle

For a bike like this, safety is priority and the engineers at Mad Max Racing Team have worked towards this. A titanium retainer ring will provide protection against lethal projectiles in the event of a catastrophic failure. The bike is also fitted with a system which prevents flames from coming out of the exhaust.

Saying that this bike is not practical is the understatement of the year. While the bike has no commercial value at the moment, future technology might enable us to come up with a bike for special occasions. 


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