Mahindra looks to take on Piaggio Vespa for top spot


Mahindra Two Wheelers are not doing as well as they would have liked in the two wheeler segment. The company’s scooters, although competent, face stiff competition from well-established rivals. Mahindra’s latest offering in the performance segment-the Mojo, is also receiving only lukewarm response from motorcycle enthusiasts. Will the current situation make Mahindra turn to Plan B?

The Plan

Peugeot Django

Peugeot Django 125

Mahindra's plan is to bring in premium scooters belonging to Peugeot Motorcycles. Mahindra acquired a majority stake (51%) in Peugeot Motorcycles in 2015 and is looking to lock horns with the Vespa in India. Mahindra hopes to gain greater popularity and status in the market by offering these premium scooters. Mahindra is currently in the process of synergising operations between Mahindra two wheelers and Peugeot Motorcycles. Once the process is completed, Peugeot scooters will make their way into the Indian market.

About Peugeot Motorcycles

Peugeot Tweet

Peugeot Tweet 125

Peugeot is a French automobile company, headquartered in Paris that is famous for making value for money cars. The motorcycle division of the company focuses on making only scooters. There are no sports bikes and cruisers on offer. Calling Peugeot’s scooter line-up diverse is a bit of an understatement. The company has scooters with 50cc, 125cc, 150cc, 200cc, 300cc and 400cc engines. It doesn’t stop there! The company also has a range of 3-wheeled scooters.

The 50cc, 200cc, 300cc and 400cc scooters are very impractical in India. It is also very unlikely that the three wheeled scooters will be launched here. We believe that Peugeot will first enter with 125cc and 150cc scooters. The Django and the Tweet series of scooters might be the first enter as they are available with both 125cc and 150cc engines. This will allow them to compete directly with Vespa’s VXL, SXL 125 and VXL, SXL 150.

Although the above mentioned scooters look like the obvious choices, its still speculation until it is confirmed by Mahindra. Stay tuned for more news regarding Peugeot scooters in this segment.


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