Mahindra Two Wheelers Receives International Patents For Four Technological Innovations


Until the last decade, Indian motorcycle manufacturers had always depended on foreign companies for the R&D of their bikes. The revolution came only in the 2000s, when Bajaj started in-house technical development for their bikes. Other manufacturers, like TVS followed suit. In-house development has numerous advantages, chief amongst which are complete control over the final product, as well as reduced costs in the long run. Having learnt the benefits of internal development, the past few years have seen local manufacturers inject vast sums of money into their R&D departments.


Mahindra 2-Wheelers are one such company, and had been developing some interesting technological innovations in the past two years. The company has now obtained international patents for four of its technologies that were developed in-house.


The innovations that were awarded the patents were the fuel gauge system, the Distance-To-Empty fuel system, the engine immobilizer system, and the Automatic Ignition cut-off. In fact, the first three systems have already been incorporated in Mahindra 2-Wheelers’ latest offering, the Centuro, with the Auto-Ignition cut-off slated to be used in the company’s future products.


Mahindra Bikes Patent


The engine immobilizer provides an effective anti-theft solution by disabling the starter circuit in case the wrong key is inserted. The Distance-To-Empty system, in conjunction with the fuel gauge system will help the rider accurately estimate the distance the bike can cover with the remaining fuel. The automatic ignition cut-off is similar to start-stop system used in cars, and saves fuel by cutting out the engine when the vehicle idles over a fixed time period. The engine can be restarted with a just a slight twist of the throttle.


According to Mr. P. S. Ashok, Senior Vice President and Head R&D - “At our state-of-the-art R&D facility in Pune, we continue to focus on technology-driven innovation for our two-wheelers. The internationally patented technologies, developed in-house, are a testimony to this effort. We will continue to develop innovative technologies that appeal to the global two wheeler community at large.”


The international patents would certainly serve as an encouragement to Mahindra, and other Indian two wheeler brands, to continue developing innovative and path-breaking technological solutions for Indian motorcycles



By Jaichandran Jayapalan


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