Inculcating Road Safety Awareness amongst Future Riders


How many times have you sworn on the road? It might be an idiot who is overtaking you from the left or cutting you from the wrong direction. It can even be the schmuck who turns right without taking the effort to give you any indication. Indian roads are full of such dimwits who have no consideration for traffic rules and people who think that they own the road. No wonder you are in a road rage every time the road gets crowded. To put an end to this frustration, Reliance General Insurance has collaborated with Honda to shape the minds of future riders of the country.

Reliance Honda Event

As per this initiative, school kids in Patna were introduced to traffic rules and road safety in a fun-filled and enthralling way. Children in the age group of 9-10 years participated in this event and enjoyed it thoroughly. The kids were asked questioned about road safety and their answers were all enlightening. The highlight of the event was the Honda CRF 50 which the organizers managed to import from Japan. The kids were elated to get a chance to ride the World’s best beginner bike. In addition, all the participants were given an especially made kids helmet to impart the importance of safety amongst the future of the country. The event has already taken place at places such as Pune, Mumbai, Bhubaneswar, Raipur, Ranchi, and Dehradun. The initiative is expected to reach other parts of India soon.

Reliance Honda Event

It is clear from such initiatives that if we want to change the attitudes of people throughout the country, it is important to nurture the youth of India and make them major influencers in their family and responsible road users of the future. We hope such initiatives increase the road safety awareness of the country and make Indian roads much safer for the next generation of bikers. Hope they don’t have to face the road rage that we do. For more information on Kids safety click here

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