Seven Coolest Instrument Consoles in Bikes Under Rs 4 Lakhs


“What’s in a speedometer?” you may ask.  The instrument console is an essential part of every two-wheeler. It hosts a variety of gauges and meters to display various crucial parameters, which the rider needs to keep a close eye on. It is highly imperative that instrument consoles are designed right; they should neither be too staid, nor be focussed purely on styling. Manufacturers have always devoted time and resources into designing instrument consoles that are aesthetically pleasingly and functional at the same time.


Of all the bikes and scooters priced under Rs 4 lakhs in India, we’ve picked seven two-wheelers whose instrument panels stood out amongst the rest. They all are cool in their own unique way, so we’ve refrained from ranking them, and have listed them in an alphabetical order. Let’s check these clocks out!


Honda CBR 250R

Honda CBR 250R Speedometer

The CBR 250R comes with a neatly laid-out instrument console. The analogue tachometer takes precedence here, with a digital readout displaying the speedometer, fuel gauge, coolant temperature, and a clock. The display is flanked on either side by the lights for the various electrical systems. The fonts and gauges are all large and legible, making it easy to read the console with a quick glance. The eerie blue light emanating from the centre of the tachometer and the digital display backlight adds a dash of coolness to the thoughtfully designed cluster.


Kawasaki Ninja 300

Kawasaki Ninja 300 Speedometer

The instrument cluster on the Ninja 300 is an analogue-digital combo, and is one of the best-looking and most functional around. As is the case with most sportsbikes, the tachometer is given prominence over the digital display. What makes the console very interesting is that its design mimics that of the bike itself. And like the CBR’s unit, this too projects info in a legible format, which makes it easy to read at speed. The display, and the tachometer needle and digits are lit by a soft white backlight, which looks very attractive at night. 


KTM Duke / RC

KTM Duke 200 Speedometer

KTM’s Duke and RC series bikes sport a large fully-digital information display. What makes this console cool is its sheer functionality – apart from displaying usual items like the speedometer, tachometer, odometer, and fuel-gauge, it gets three trip meters, a gear position indicator, a coolant temperature gauge, and a clock. Right under the speedometer section is a scrollable area which displays riding time, average speed, average mileage in L/km & km/L, a distance-to-empty gauge, a service interval indicator, and a side-stand warning. Also included in the strip of tell-tale lights above the display, is an RPM indicator light, which blinks to when the engine reaches a certain speed range, which can be set by the rider according to personal preference. And what’s more, you can also shift the display units to miles and gallons, if you may ever need it. The entire display is lit by an orange backlight, which turns on and off automatically according to light conditions, thanks to a light sensor in the console.

It does have a few flaws though. The display is placed closer towards the rider, and at an angle, and some of the fonts used are tiny. This makes it difficult to read at a glance, and when the sun’s behind you, it gets reflected by the glossy display glass, making it unreadable at times.


Mahindra Rodeo RZ

Mahindra Rodeo RZ Speedometer

Most scooters that are sold in India are very function-oriented, which means manufacturers usually don’t bother paying too much attention to the design of the instruments. The Mahindra Rodeo RZ is one exception: it comes with a fully-digital instrument console, and a really cool one at that. The display is split into two parts, the large outer ring housing the tachometer, and the inner section, which project all the other info. The entire console looks very striking, and it includes a laundry-list of features:  the speedometer, the tachometer, odometer, fuel gauge, tripmeter, clock, acceleration timer, over-speed alarm, and a side-stand indicator. The neatest bit is the backlighting; the rider can choose between 7 different backlight colors, which can be changed at their whim. How cool is that!  


Royal Enfield Continental GT

Royal Enfield Continental GT Speedometer

“Old-school design meets new-age technology” is the Continental GT’s design philosophy, and this extends to even its instrument cluster. The bike possesses a pair of retro-looking clocks, which also include a digital readout. What makes it stand out is the simplicity of its design; its layout is neat and uncluttered, yet it displays all the necessary information. While the right clock houses the tachometer and tell-tale lights, the left unit holds the speedometer and the digital display. The display on the other hand projects the fuel gauge, the odometer and the two tripmeters. When the darkness falls, the digits and the display glow a nice soft white, while the speedo and tacho needles light up in a subdued orange shade, making the console look all the more stunning to behold.


Suzuki Gixxer

Suzuki Gixxer Speedometer

The Suzuki Gixxer is home to a fully-digital orange-backlit display, similar to the KTM Duke’s unit. Like the KTM’s unit, it too is abound with all the info you’d ever need. What makes it unique though, is its neat and compact form factor; the rectangular console resembles a touchscreen phone in landscape mode! The display consists of the tachometer dominating the top, the speedometer, odometer, fuel gauge, two tripmeters, a gear position indicator, and a clock. Amongst the tell-tale lights present on either side is a RPM indicator light that starts to blink after certain RPM, which can be customized, indicating the rider to shift up.  All the information is projected in a large and legible format, making it a cinch to read quickly when riding.


Yamaha YZF-R15

Yamaha R15 Speedometer

The R15’s instrument cluster is a typical sportsbike unit, where the tachometer takes the centre stage. It is a simple and compact digital-analogue combo meter, designed with a single minded focus towards sporty riding, and has only the bare necessary functions. It is laid out very neatly; the digital readout, which displays the speed, the fuel level, odometer and tripmeters, flanks the analogue tachometer to the left. The tell-tale lights are all arranged in a neat line above the display. The whole unit is angled slightly towards the rider, so that it can be viewed even when crouched behind the fairing. The entire console is lit by a white backlight, which gives it a futuristic feel to it.


Of course, we do know that beauty rests within the eye of the beholder, so you may or may not agree with our list. If you’ve got your own pick of instrument consoles, do share it with us in the comments section below! 

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Jaichandran Jayapalan

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