Spec Sheet Analysis - Yamaha R25 Vs Kawasaki Ninja 300 Vs KTM RC390 Vs Hyosung GT250R


By Jaichandran Jayapalan


There are some exciting times ahead for biking enthusiasts in India. With the global unveiling of the Yamaha R25 last month, almost all major players competing in the Indian performance bike market now have a contender in the fast growing 250 – 400cc sport bike segment. We are comparing the upcoming R25 with three other bikes that it is going to compete with head-on in India, the Kawasaki Ninja 300, the KTM RC390, and the Hyosung GT 250R.


Specsheet analysis - R25 Vs Ninja 300 Vs RC390 Vs GT250R


Although only the Kawasaki and the Hyosung are currently available for sale in the country, the KTM is expected to be launched here by the end of 2014, while the R25 will be up for sale in the first half of 2015. Let us take a closer look at what lies in store.



Yamaha R25

Kawasaki Ninja 300


Hyosung GT 250R

Spec Sheet Analysis


249cc liquid-cooled parallel twin-cylinder, DOHC

296cc liquid-cooled parallel twin-cylinder, DOHC

373.2cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder, DOHC

249cc air-cooled V-Twin, DOHC

Two Parallel Twins, One V-Twin, and a massive single-cylinder. Parallel Twins are generally smooth and have a high rev ceiling, and are hence more preferrable 


35.5 bhp @ 12,000 rpm

39 bhp @ 11,000 rpm

43 bhp @ 9000 rpm

28 bhp @ 10,000 rpm

Although the KTM has only one cylinder, it makes the most power, with the Ninja a close second. The Hyosung loses out here, despite having two cylinders.


22.1 Nm @ 10,000 rpm

27 Nm @ 10,000 rpm

35 Nm @ 7000 rpm

22.07 Nm @ 8000 rpm

The RC 390 again trumps all other bikes, producing more torque at a lower RPM. This allows it to accelerate faster, and cruise at a relaxed engine speed


6-speed manual

6-speed manual

6-speed manual

6-speed manual


Chassis Type

Tubular Diamond Perimeter Frame

Tubular Diamond Perimeter Frame

Tubular Space Frame

Perimeter Double Cradle Frame



Front: Disc - 298mm

Front: Disc - 290mm

Front: Disc - 300mm

Front: Twin Discs: 298mm

The GT250R comes with twin disc brakes on the front wheel, where as the others have only a single disc. Only the RC390 will come with ABS as standard.

Rear: Disc - 220mm

Rear: Disc - 220mm

Rear: Disc - 230mm

Rear: Disc - 220mm


Front: 41mm Telescopic Fork

Front: 37mm Telescopic Fork

Front: Upside-down Telescopic Fork

Front: 41mm Telescopic Fork

While the R25 and the Ninja come fitted with conventional telescopic forks, the KTM and the Hyosung get more upmarket upside down units. These look better, and also reduce unsprung mass, leading to better handling  

Rear: Linked-typed Monoshock

Rear: Linked-type Gas-charged Monoshock

Rear: Monoshock

Rear: Linked-typed Monoshock

L x W x H

2090mm x 720mm x 1135mm 

2015mm x 715mm x 1110mm


2090mm x 700mm x 1130mm







Longer the wheelbase, better will the stability be, whereas shorter the wheelbase, sharper will be the handling. Going by this, RC390 will be the quickest of the lot to turn into corners, the R25 and the Ninja 300 will be fairly sharp but very stable, and the Hyosung will need some effort to turn in. 

Ground Clearance





With the highest ground clearance of the lot, the RC390 will be able to clear speed breakers and rough roads most easily, while some care needs to be taken while riding the Ninja 300. 

Seat Height






Kerb Weight

166 Kg

172 Kg

147 Kg

188 Kg

The KTM is 19 kgs lighter than the R25, 25 kgs lighter than the Ninja, and a whopping 41 kgs lighter than the Hyosung! This means that the RC390 will accelerate significantly quicker than the others to a 100 kmph, with the R25 coming in a close second.

Fuel Tank Capacity

14.3 Litres

17 Litres

10 Litres

17 Litres

Although the Ninja and the Hyosung have a larger fuel tank, their range should be similar to the R25, which we expect will deliver more kilometers to the litre. The RC390 will have the least range of the lot, no thanks to a dismally small fuel tank.  


(On-Road, India)

Rs.3,25,000 (Estimated)


Rs.2,50,000 (Estimated)


Going by the pricing of the Duke 390, KTM will should launch the fully-faired RC390 at a similarly tantalizing price tag. The R25 will also be priced aggressively for a twin-cylinder bike, as it needs to be to compete with the RC390. Kawasaki and Hyosung need to rethink their pricing strategy, and bring it to more affordable levels.


Going by the spec sheet alone, the KTM RC390 single-handedly trumps the Yamaha R25, the Kawasaki Ninja 300, and the Hyosung GT250R. What remains to be seen, is how all this will translate into on-road performance.


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