Top Five Coolest Motorcycle Names


When it comes to motorcycle names, we can all agree that some names are cooler than the rest, especially when there is some exciting and action-packed imagery associated with it. Here are our favourite motorcycle names, in no particular order.


Triumph Tiger

Coolest Motorcycle Names – Triumph Tiger

Triumph has come up with some cool names over the years, but the Tiger is certainly the coolest of them all. The big cat is known for its power, agility, and menacing looks, which makes it an apt name for Triumph’s line of adventure tourers


Ducati Monster

Coolest Motorcycle Names – Ducati Monster

Ducati has always given their bikes names that are very straight forward, either based on its engine capacity (848, 916, 999, etc.), or an Italian word that implies the bike’s purpose (Multistrada, or multi-terrain). The Monster though is one exception. It is a simple and emotive word, one that’s very effective in capturing the core essence of Ducati’s range of naked performance motorcycles. We can’t imagine a better or more appropriate name for the line-up!


Kawasaki Ninja

Coolest Motorcycle Names – Kawasaki Ninja

In feudal Japan, ninjas were a sect of covert mercenaries, who use stealth combined with deadly force to achieve their clandestine objectives. So, it might come as a surprise that Kawasaki chose to name their line-up of extravagant superbikes after them. Kawasaki Ninjas sure pack a whole lot of deadly power, but they are far from being stealthy & secretive, especially in their signature shade of bright green. Regardless, we think the general coolness associated with ninjas, combined with the excellence of the bikes themselves, have made the Kawasaki Ninja line-up so popular that it has become an icon in its own right.

Suzuki Hayabusa

Coolest Motorcycle Names – Suzuki Hayabusa

‘Hayabusa’ is the Japanese word for the Peregrine Falcon, a bird which is renowned for its speed and agility. Suzuki decided to name its flagship superbike, the GSX-R 1300, after the bird, which matches its top speed. That’s not all. The name is also a silent taunt at Honda’s CBR 1100XX Blackbird, the Hayabusa’s direct rival at the time of its initial launch, as peregrine falcons prey on the blackbirds in the wild.


Honda Fireblade

Coolest Motorcycle Names – Honda Fireblade

The name Fireblade has such an impact on the mind. Once you hear the word, you automatically picture yourself (at least we do) wielding a sleek sword covered in flames. Calling a bike CBR1000RR is nowhere near as cool as calling it the ‘Fireblade’. The bike is definitely deserving of the name, as it is known to scythe quickly through corners as smoothly as the aforementioned flaming sword though butter.

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