Top Ten Bike Racing Games


Bike racing games are a whole lot of fun to play: nowhere else would you get to opportunity to express you riding fantasies, like speeding at 300kmph on public roads, without the worry of crashing or getting caught by the cops. Wish riding bikes in real life was that easy.


Here is our list of the top ten bike racing games that have been released over the years.   




1. Road Rash

Platform: PC

Road Rash was one of the first bike racing games to catch worldwide attention. You play an outlaw biker, racing on city streets. You will have to deal with traffic, physically fight fellow racers who will try to the run you off the road, and keep the cops at bay, all while speeding in excess of 180mph. It might sound too far-fetched to happen in real life, but as a game it is massive fun to play. Unfortunately, current computer systems don’t support old games like Road Rash, but if you are a little savvy with computers, you can get it running on your PC or laptop again.   

Road Rash



2. Tourist Trophy

Platform: PS2

From the makers of the highly successful Gran Turismo series comes what is possibly the most realistic motorcycle racing game ever made. Tourist Trophy is a motorcycle racing simulation game that allows you to ride your favourite motorcycle without getting off your couch. The level of detail, the graphics, the physics and the feedback are such that it feels as though you are riding a real bike. You even need to obtain licenses before you start racing! The learning curve is a bit steep, but once you get used to it, you can have a lot of fun trying to perfect your entry and exit lines for every corner on your favourite tracks. This one is for recommended for serious bike enthusiasts (or couch potato racers) only!

Tourist Trophy



3. Drag Racing: Bikes

Platform: Android, iOS

Drag Racing: Bikes, as its name suggests, is a mobile game where you race a bike against another on a drag strip. You control the launch and gear-shifting. Sounds simple, right? The game is anything but that. To get the fastest possible time, you’ll need to launch from the start with the least wheel spin, and nailing perfect shifts are tricky. You encounter tougher opponents as you progress through the game in the Career mode, and beating them isn’t easy. However, you get the option to install upgrades and tune your bike to extract the most performance, which is a must if you need to win against the toughest opponents. The game offers a plethora of desirable superbikes for the players to race on. If straight line speed is all that matters, then this is right game for you.        

Drag Racing



4. Bike Racing Free

Platform: Android

Bike Racing Free is a simple and fun bike game to play on the go. It involves riding a motocross bike through a set of obstacles, using the onscreen controls and accelerometer inputs. The objective is to ride through a stage in the fastest possible time. While this might sound simple, it takes time to master handling the little bike, so that you can time each jump and loop to perfection. The game has 12 levels with 8 stages in each, which makes it over 96 stages in total, and to add to that, it also allows players to create their own stages. This is one mobile game that’ll keep you hooked for a long time.

Bike Racing Game



5. Ducati Challenge

Platform: Android, iOS

Ducati makes some of the most desirable bikes on the planet, but unfortunately, not all of us can own one. However, it is possible to experience riding their superbikes on some of the best race tracks in the world, and it can be done on your smart phone. Ducati Challenge is an official racing game from the company that features some of its best superbikes. Players get to race in a championship, or satiate their need for speed in a quick challenge. While the game isn’t a full on riding simulator per se, it does offer quite a bit of realism, as one needs to be fluid with their inputs to hustle the bike around. This game is a must play if you are a fan of Ducati bikes.   

Ducati Challenge Game



6. Motocross Madness

Platform: PC

Motocross Madness was one of the first few games that featured an open sandbox type gameplay, which meant that the player could ride onto as far as the eye could see. As the name suggests, the gameplay of Motocross Madness involves performing a lot of breathtaking stunts in mid-air. Controls are pretty straight forward, with players being given the option of assigning their own key combinations for their favourite tricks. While there are only a few levels to play on, mastering a repertoire of stunts will take time and effort. If motorcycle stunt riding is your thing, Motocross Madness makes for an exciting game to play for hours on the end.  

MotoCross Madness



7. MotoGP ’13

Platform: PC, PS3, XBOX 360

MotoGP 2013 is the official game of the FIM MotoGP World Championship. You get to play as your favourite MotoGP rider, and compete in a full season in the Career mode. Controlling the bikes isn’t easy though, as you’ll need to put in hours of practice to get your braking, entry, and exit points right. Players also get to fettle with the setup of the bikes, and can tune right down to the smallest details to suit their riding style. If you are a hardcore MotoGP fan, then this is the game for you. 




8. Superbike Riding Challenge

Platform: PC, PS2

Here’s yet another riding simulator. Superbike Riding Challenge is very similar to Tourist Trophy. It offers great graphics, with realistic handling physics. This is one straightforward game, where a player competes in Tournament mode, starts out racing on a small bike. As you progress though the game by winning races, you unlock faster and more exotic bikes to take on the tougher competition. The game also has a practice mode, where you can test ride newly unlock bikes, and hone your riding skills. Superbike Riding Challenge has a flatter learning curve compared to Tourist Trophy, which makes is easy for new players to ride. This is one game that would appeal to gamers who aren’t serious bike enthusiasts.

Superbike Riding Challenge game



9. Racing Moto

Platform: Android

Sometimes, simplicity can offer the best entertainment. Racing Moto is one such mobile racing game. It has one very simple rule: ride as fast as you can in a straight line, without crashing into an obstacle. The more distance you ride, the higher your score, which means there is no real end to the game. As you progress in distance, the three-lane highway on which the game’s character rides his modified chopper gets heavily crowded. The accelerometer-based controls make it easy to switch lanes. You get pick-ups en route, which give you either an extra life or a speed boost, or the ability to pass right through the obstacles. Racing Moto will make the boring bus or train commute lively. Fellow commuters might think your hand is possessed by some evil spirit.

Racing Moto



10. Trial Xtreme 3

Platform: Android

Trial Xtreme 3 is a successful trials bike racing game that has racked up over 10 million downloads on Google Play Store. You get to ride a variety of trials bikes, motorcycles that have no seat, and are purpose-built for maximum agility. Stages are set in city locations, such as in parks and beaches, with ramps, loops and other such obstacles set in the path. The objective is to finish each stage in the fastest possible time, while racking up the most points. Controls are very straight forward, with an option provided to choose between on-screen touch controls and the accelerometer. The USPs of this game are its graphics and the level of customization it offers players. If you are looking for different type of bike racing experience on your mobile, Trials Xtreme 3 is one game you should definitely check out.

Trail Xtreme 3



By Jaichandran Jayapalan



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