Top Ten Bikes with the Best Mileage in India 2013


India is a country where saving money is more important than spending it. This is evident even in the Indian 2-wheeler market, where low fuel consuming, low-capacity commuter bikes outnumber high-capacity performance bikes in sales volumes – 75% of all bikes sold in India every year, comprise of commuters in the 75-125cc class. Bike manufacturers go to great lengths to fine-tune their products and spend large sums of money on the research and development of  innovative fuel-saving technologies, all to ensure that they deliver the best mileage in their respective segments. Let us check out the top ten bikes in India that offer the best mileage.


All data pertaining to mileage in this article are as tested by the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM). SIAM is the apex industry body representing 46 leading vehicle and vehicular engine manufacturers in India. These mileage figures were obtained under ideal test conditions, and are bound to vary in the real world.




10)  Bajaj Platina 100 – 77.1 kmpl


·         Category – Entry level commuter

·         Engine Capacity – 99.27cc air-cooled single-cylinder, carburetor

·         Power – 8.2 bhp @ 7500 rpm

·         Torque – 8.05 Nm @ 4500 rpm

·         Transmission – 4-speed manual

·         Mileage – 77.1 kmpl (SIAM)

·         Dimensions – 1990x770x1090mm (LxWxH), Weight 113 kgs

Price – Rs 32,900 (ex-showroom, Delhi)


The Bajaj Platina 100 is an entry-level commuter from Bajaj Auto. The 8.2 bhp 99.2cc engine that powers the bike employs technological innovations like Throttle Response Ignition Control (TRICS III) and ExhausTEC, in order to improve low-end torque and maximize fuel efficiency. A unique feature of the Platina is its Ride Control Switch, which helps the rider maintain low engine speeds, where fuel consumption is at the lowest. All these features combine to help the Platina deliver a SIAM-rated mileage of 77.1 kmpl.


9)      TVS Star Sport - 80.2 kmpl


·         Category – Entry-level commuter

·         Engine – 99.7cc air-cooled single cylinder, carburetor

·         Power -  7.3 bhp @ 7500 rpm

·         Torque – 7.5 @ 5000 rpm

·         Transmission – four-speed manual

Price – Rs 41,870 (Ex-showroom Delhi)


The TVS Star Sport is an entry-level commuter bike from TVS Motors.  Powered by a 7.3 bhp 99.7cc single-cylinder engine, the Star Sport delivers a SIAM-rated mileage of 80.2 kmpl. The Star Sport is targeted at consumers who travel less than 40 kms on a daily-basis.


8)      Hero HF Dawn – 80.30 kmpl


·         Category – Entry level commuter

·         Engine Capacity – 97.2cc air-cooled single-cylinder, carburetor

·         Power – 7.7 bhp @ 7500 rpm

·         Torque – 8.04 Nm @ 4500 rpm

·         Transmission – 4-speed manual

·          Dimensions – 1965x720x1045mm (LxWxH), Weight 109 kgs

Price – Rs 36,300 (Ex-showroom Delhi)


The Hero HF Dawn is an entry-level 100cc commuter from Hero MotoCorp. Powered by a 7.7bhp 97.2cc single-cylinder engine, the HF Dawn is a lightweight bike that is best for commutes less than 30kms per day. The HF Dawn is also one of Hero MotoCorp’s best selling models, selling more than 1 lakh units per month. The popularity of the HF Dawn can be attributed to its low price-point and a mileage figure of 80.3 kmpl (SIAM-rated).


7)      Hero Splendor NXG – 82.2 kmpl



·         Category – Entry level commuter

·         Engine – 97.2cc air-cooled single-cylinder, carburated

·         Power – 7.6 bhp @ 7500 rpm

·         Torque – 7.95 Nm @ 5000 rpm

·         Transmission – Four-speed manual

·         Dimensions – 1965x720x1095mm, Weight 109kgs

Price – Rs 42,950 (Ex-showroom Delhi)


The Hero Splendor NXG is an entry-level 100cc commuter bike from Hero MotoCorp. A part of the popular Splendor series, the Splendor NXG is powered by a 97.2cc single cylinder engine that is tuned to offer maximum fuel efficiency. This helps the Splendor NXG to deliver a SIAM-rated mileage of 82.2 kmpl.


6)      Hero Super Splendor – 82.5 kmpl


·         Category – Mid-range commuter

·         Engine – 124.7cc air-cooled single cylinder, carburetor

·         Power -  9 bhp @ 7000 rpm

·         Torque – 10.35 @ 4000 rpm

·         Transmission – four-speed manual

·         Dimensions – 1995xNAx1095mm (LxWxH), Weight 121kg

Price – Rs 50,650 (Ex-showroom Delhi)


The Hero Super Splendor is a 125cc mid-segment commuter from Hero MotoCorp. The 9 bhp 124.7cc engine employs Hero’s Advanced Swirl Flow Induction System (ASFS) technology, which aids in improving the mileage. This helps the Super Splendor deliver a SIAM-rated mileage of 82.5 kmpl. With a monthly sales figure of over 50,000 bikes, the Super Splendor is one of the most popular bikes in India in the 125cc segment.


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