Yamaha discontinues 5 bikes in India


Yamaha India has discontinued a total of 5 bikes in its line-up. All the bikes belong to the mass market commuter segment. The bikes that have been discontinued include the SS 125, SZ-RR, YBR 110, YBR 125 and SZ-S. The bikes have been removed from the company’s official website.

yamaha sz-rr

The 110 cc YBR 110 did not sell as well as the company had hoped. The YBR 125 and SS 125 have been removed as well but they have a replacement in the form of the recently launched Saluto. The Saluto is a 125cc bike with good looks and good fuel economy. Yamaha has discontinued the SZ-S and SZ-RR series of bikes as well. However, the SZ-RR V 2.0 will continue to be sold and will slot in a micro segment below the 150 cc FZ series of bikes.

Yamaha has launched new products this year and the company seems to be in the process of reorganizing its portfolio. Check out Yamaha’s current product line-up here.



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