Yamaha unveils robot rider at Tokyo Motor Show


Autonomous vehicles have always captured the interest of people all over the world. Companies like Tesla and Google are working hard towards producing a road tested autonomous vehicle. But, what about creating autonomous motorcycles? Is it really possible? Japanese Motorcycle giant Yamaha has a surprise in store for us.

Yamaha Motobot

Meet the Motobot-an autonomous robot rider. Yamaha unveiled this vaguely humanoid robot at the Tokyo Motor Show recently. This robot is a fusion of Yamaha’s Motorcycle technology and Robotics technology. In the recently launched teaser (above), the Motobot claims that it was created to surpass Valentino Rossi on a track. That is a brave claim indeed. Could this be the creation of Skynet? We hope not.

The Motobot currently rides a modified version of the track focussed YZF-R1 M, with the help of stabilizers. Yamaha are working on the Motobot to allow it to ride an unmodified motorcycle at speeds above 200 kmph.

The rationale behind the creation of the Motobot is to collect vast amounts of quantifiable data, which would allow the company to develop more advanced motorcycle technology. This will in turn produce motorcycles that score high on both safety and track performance.


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