About Honda

Honda Motorcycles and Scooters India (HMSI) is the second largest two-wheeler manufacturer in India. A wholly-owned subsidiary of Honda Motor Company, Japan, HMSI entered the Indian market in 1999, with its first products launched the subsequent year. The company's first products in the country were a triumvirate of scooters, the Activa, the Dio, and the Eterno. These products performed exceptionally well in our market, and helped HMSI become the largest scooter manufacturer in the country. 

In 2005, Honda introduced the Unicorn, a 150cc motorcycle, their first in India. The Unicorn turned out to be a big success, and HMSI soon became one of the largest bike manufacturers in the country.

HMSI now has 18 products in its line-up, ranging from 100cc commuter bikes to 1200cc superbikes. Check them out below: