About Yamaha

Yamaha is one of the most well-known bike brands in India. The Japanese manufacturer first forayed in to the country in 1985, introducing bikes such as the RD350, the RX100 and the RX135. These bikes were more powerful and sportier than any other bike on sale in the country at that time, which made them highly popular amongst the younger consumers of that period. This made the Yamaha brand synonymous with performance amongst most Indians.


In 2008, Yamaha India underwent a major organizational change, which saw it partner with Mitsui & Co to float a new venture named India Yamaha Motor Pvt Ltd. 2008 also saw the launches of the R15 and the FZ16, two new 150cc performance bikes that revolutionized the segment, which reinforced Yamaha as a major player in the performance bike segment. The company also manufactures commuter bikes like the Crux, YBR-series, SS125, SZ-series. Recently, in 2012, Yamaha also forayed into the scooter market, a segment that had been long ignored by the company, with the Ray and the Ray Z. The company also offers three superbikes, the R1, the FZ-1 and the V-Max, for sale in the country


Although it isn't amongst the top 3 motorcycle manufacturers in terms of volume, Yamaha has a high brand recall in India, thanks to which it enjoys the patronage of passionate consumers who like to be associated with a performance-oriented brand such as theirs.