BMW Dynamic Brake Lights


Emergency braking is unavoidable and sometimes results in being rear-ended by the following vehicle. This usually happens due to the slow reactions of the driver/rider of the following vehicle. While being rear ended is bad for all vehicles, it is particularly nasty for motorcycle riders. BMW Motorrad has come up with Dynamic brake light technology to address this problem. This technology has been in use in some of the BMW cars, but in 2016, BMW will start to offer Dynamic Brake Lights in its motorcycles.

 BMW Dynamic Brakelight

The function of the Dynamic Brake lights is to warn the driver of the following vehicle. It works in two stages. In the first stage is activated when the motorcycle starts to decelerate from a speed of 50 Km/h due to emergency braking. The brake light is flashed at a frequency of 5 Hz or 5 cycles per second. The second stage activates when the motorcycle’s speed reaches 14 Km/h. Now, the hazard lamps are switched on and remain on till the motorcycle regains a speed of at least 20 Km/h.

BMW has confirmed that Dynamic Brake Light technology will initially be available only in European markets. The company will offer Dynamic Brake Lights as a standard feature in their 2016 K1600GT, GTL, and GTL Exclusive Tourer bikes, and as an optional feature in the 2016 R1200GS, R1200GS Adventure, and S1000XR.