Motorcycle Fairing - How does it help?


A fairing might seem only as a superficial addition to a motorcycle, but as many of you might know, it serves a far greater purpose. A motorcycle fairing helps to channel air around the rider, rather than allowing it to hit them straight on, as is the case on a naked bike. On a naked bike, wind blast won’t be discomforting at city speeds, but once you start picking up the pace and hit triple digit speeds, you’ll feel that it applies quite a bit of stress on your body, especially on your neck, which will cause fatigue when riding for extended durations. Also, your body acts like a sail, catching a lot of air and increasing drag, which impedes acceleration, and results in reduced top speed.

2015 Suzuki Hayabusa Aerodynamics

Image Credits: Suzuki Motorcycles

That’s why all sports bikes and most touring bikes come with an aerodynamically-designed fairing, in order to reduce drag, and to ensconce the rider from the effects of wind blast at high-speeds. The down side is added weight, and expensive repair bills if you happen to drop you be-fairinged bike, but then again, the pros outweigh the cons comprehensively.

Jaichandran Jayapalan