BMW BMS-X Engine Management System


The new BMW six cylinders are fitted with the most advanced digital engine management system to date, the BMS-X. Its key characteristics include fully sequential, cylinder selective injection for six cylinders, ultra modern microelectronics for the fast processing of extensive sensor signals, a compact layout, low weight, and self diagnostics. BMW Motorrad is therefore continuing to consolidate its yearlong pioneering role in electronic engine management. The moment based engine management with alpha N control can analyse a large number of influencing variables. For instance, it allows the targeted output of torque and sensitive adjustments of engine performance to the most diverse boundary conditions. This regulation is based on the quantity of intake air defined indirectly as a function of the throttle valve angle and engine speed. Using additional engine and ambient parameters (including engine temperature, air temperature, and ambient air pressure), the engine controller calculates individually adjusted values for injected quantity and ignition time based on stored characteristic maps and corrective functions. The designated fuel type is lead free Super, i.e. with min 95 RON.