Brain One- The performance tracker for your Bike



The Brain One is a tracking system that is easy to use and can be easily integrated with motorcycles. one can use the data collected to hone biking skills or compare performance with friends during your weekend track day. Usually, only high end motorcycles like the Yamaha R1 come with advanced Data acquisition systems to capture useful data, which will in turn be used to tune the bike accordingly. The thing is, such a complex system cannot be integrated into an entry level or mid-level motorcycle. This is where the Brain One makes a lot of sense. The device makes use of multiple sensors to track relevant performance data. The sensors include an accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, barometer, microphone, GPS and Wi-Fi as well.



The device is very user-friendly and is relatively affordable. The Brain One is a wireless device that is there are no cables connecting the device and the bike. Using the Brain One, the rider can capture the following data:

  • Accurate Speed
  • Lean Angle
  • Lap Time
  • Trajectory
  • Acceleration
  • Braking
  • G-Force and Elevation


The Brain one is waterproof and shock-proof as well. As is the case with many devices these days, the Brain one can wirelessly connect to your smartphone or desktop. The Brain One will be priced at $325, which it  goes on sale this year. The Brain One is a product of popular crowd funding platform Kickstarter. The company is ready to ship globally. Stay tuned for more information in this segment.