Headwave Tag Concert Capsule - First Look


Headwave-an acoustics company based out of Germany has come up with an interesting new concept to allow motorcycle riders to enjoy listening to music without the use of conventional headphones. The company came up with a prototype concept about 2-3 years ago and now, they have managed to develop the Headwave Tag-a revolutionary piece of technology that can be used on a motorcycle helmet to listen to music.


The Headwave tag makes a lot of sense due to a variety of reasons. It is extremely cumbersome to use conventional headphones while wearing a helmet. The ear piece usually gets dislodged. Even if it stays in place, it is extremely uncomfortable. The Headwave Tag aims to eliminate all these problems associated with conventional headphones by completely eliminating the use of cables. The Headwave Tag does not require any interior installation, which means that there won’t be any problem with helmet fit.   


The Headwave Tag is fairly simple to use. One needs to pair their smartphone/iPod/music player using Bluetooth. The Headwave Tag’s working principle is pretty mind blowing. The device uses the principle of sound transduction-Sound waves pass through the helmet and create a surround-sound like experience for the rider. The Headwave Tag is claimed to have good bass. The Headwave Tag is priced at $324

Check out the promo video