MiClimate temperature regulator for bikers



As we all know, wearing essential riding gear is crucial to ensure rider safety. But, the biggest problem with riding gear in a hot country like India is that it tends to get extremely hot under the riding gear. This reason alone is enough to put off many riders from actually wearing proper riding gear for long rides. Enter MiClimate-a device that aims to keep the riders at a comfortable temperature without adding unnecessary weight.


The MiClimate device is built around an adjustable belt strap and is worn like a holster. The basic components of the device include a lithium-ion battery, a cooling core unit and a Bluetooth remote. The device draws in air from the surroundings and cools/heats it by using a thermo-electric system. That’s right, it can heat your jacket as well if necessary.


The MiClimate can be used for about hours before recharging. The device is powered by a 72-Wh battery. If the battery should run out, the device can also be powered by the motorcycle’s battery. MiClimate can reduce temperature by 10 degree Celsius and increase the temperature by 20 degree celcius.   

The MiClimate device is crowd funder and is listed on Indiegogo. If you pledge $269, you will get the MiClimate device including the core unit and battery pack. This is a very interesting device and we hope that similar, more affordable devices make it into the Indian market. Stay tuned for more information in this segment.

Image Source: MiClimate