Quickshifter Explained


gear lever

Photo by Caederus / CC BY-SA 3.0

What is a Quick Shifter?

A quick shifter is a device that allows riders to shift up a gear seamlessly and reduce the time the required to upshift. Typically, a rider has to disengage the clutch using his left hand, shift up a gear using his foot and then the release the clutch lever properly to achieve seamless upshifts. The quick shifter aims to make this process hassle-free so that you can concentrate on the road. A quick shifter does not necessarily make the bike go faster but it does increase riding pleasure.

How does a Quick Shifter work?

A quick shifter’s working principle is fairly straightforward. In a motorcycle equipped with a quick shifter, all the rider has to do is use the gear lever to upshift without worrying about the clutch lever. The system will take care of the clutch disengagement/engagement part of the shifting process. The quick shifter, with the help of on-board sensors, will sense when a upshift is about the occur. Then, the system removes load on the engine by instantaneously cutting off fuel to the engine. As a result, the new gear can slip into place without any damage to the transmission.       

While most riders enjoy the process of shifting gears on the bike, some prefer to have a quick shifter on-board to concentrate on the road ahead. Check out Aprilia's video that illustrates the working of a quick shifter.