Yamaha FZ-Fi Blue Core Technology


‘Blue Core’ technology is Yamaha’s new generation engine development ideal. It aims to deliver good performance without compromising on fuel economy.

The benefits of the Blue Core technology is achieved by

·         Optimum Combustion

·         Reduction of power losses

·         Control of fuel supply

·         Ignition timing and control

The end result of the aforementioned processes include more power, better acceleration and improved fuel economy while the HC, CO2 and NOx emissions are all reduced. Yamaha implemented this technology for the first time in its FZ V2 and Fazer V2 series of bikes. Both bikes come with fuel injection technology as well.

2015 Yamaha FZ-Fi Blue Core Tech 1

The FZ’s engine had to be redesigned to deliver better fuel-efficiency without compromising on performance. This resulted reduction in cylinder diameter (Bore) while the stroke length remained the same. Due to this, the FZ v2 experienced a slight dip in power when compared to the previous generation FZ. While this appears to be a disadvantage, Yamaha was successful in reducing the engine’s overall weight by about 1.5 Kg. The crankshaft, connecting rod and the piston are made lighter which resulted in the reduction in weight. As the moving parts are lighter, less of the engine’s power is consumed in moving these parts. The small size of the bore also reduces friction losses. The shape of the combustion is also modified to achieve optimum combustion. The intake and exhaust valves are modified to improve efficiency and the FZ v2 also gets an all new exhaust system.

2015 Yamaha FZ-Fi Blue Core Tech 2

All these improvements to the FZ v2’s engine have resulted in a bike that accelerates better and has a claimed 14% improvement in mileage. Yamaha has also claimed that CO2 emissions are down by 29% and NOx emissions are reduced by 20%.

The Blue core technology will also feature Yamaha bikes and scooters that are carburetted. With this philosophy, it seems clear to us that Yamaha is heading in the right direction, in tune with the current global scenario.