Hero i3S - idle Start-Stop System


Hero MotoCorp's i3s system is a an engine stop start system found in cars that increases fuel efficiency and reduces emission levels. This system was devised in an attempt to improve the fuel efficiency of the engine and reduce gaseous exhaust emissions that contribute to increased levels of air toxicity and global warming. Although this idea is not all that new, it was never implemented in a large scale manner in two-wheelers before this.


Hero i3S - idle Start - Stop System logo


The i3s technology was specifically put together by Hero Moto to address the fuel consumption rates in two-wheelers. The i3s unit presents itself in the form of a rider selectable on-off switch located on the right handlebar of the Hero Splendor. A simple push of this button triggers the stop-start system. After a brief period of idling, the engine switches off automatically and springs back to life once the clutch lever is engaged.



This is valuable to the rider in many ways. Long waits at traffic signals with your motorcycle engine running can not only waste fuel but also detriment the air levels surrounding you. Also, allowing your engine to run for prolonged durations in jam-packed roads and junctions can cause air-cooled engines to heat up rather quickly and increase the temperature levels around your vehicle. The i3S technology solves these issues, thereby improving mileage, reducing emmisions, and extending engine life.

A smart inclusion to the motorcycle segment definitely, but the entire system places heavy dependence on the condition of the battery and the electric starter. This technology works only on bikes that have an electric starter, and requires the battery to be in pristine working condition at all times.