AGVisor - LCD Helmet Visor Technology


Italian helmet manufacturer AGV has developed a new cutting-edge visor which can darken or lighten immediately at the press of a button. Dubbed the AGVisor, this piece of helmet technology uses LCD visor technology, which changes texture according to the voltage applied across it. The power switch, located on the bottom left of the visor, is used to switch between clear and dark modes.

AGVisor Technology

The  AGVisor comes with rechargeable batteries. It takes about 2 hours to fully charge its small battery, which is housed under the power switch. In dark mode, the Visor can be used for about 12 hours which is sufficient for a long ride. The AGVisor also comes with a fail-safe mechanism. If the battery is low or some malfunction occurs, the visor settings can be changed manually from smoky to clear. Other interesting features on the AGVisor include an Anti-fog system and a visor lock system. The visor lock system prevents the visor from opening due to aerodynamic pressure at high speeds.

The AGV Pista, the Corsa and GT Veloce are the 3 helmets which support AGVisor currently.