Aprilia Traction Control



The Aprilia Traction Control System is an innovative traction control system developed in-house by Aprilia, mainly focussed on helping the rider improve his lap times. Thanks to the inertial platform and the Ride By Wire system pioneered by Aprilia, the ATC not only reduces torque when the rear wheel slips but lets the rider control tail sliding when exiting a bend, giving him a better feel for throttle control, depending on lean angle.

Aprilia ATC is activated from the instrument panel menu and offers 8 settings. When the ATC is enabled, the rider can change settings at any time using a joystick on the left handlebar to suit track, surface or tyre conditions, without closing the throttle and keeping his hands on the handlebar, as in professional motorcycle racing. This way, the system can be adjusted to react differently on every corner of any track so as to meet the specific requirements of any rider, including the most expert ones.

Another unique feature of the system is its "learning capacity". Current traction control systems are designed and optimised for a single size and type of tyre. This limit frequently cancels the benefits of traction control. With the Aprilia Traction Control system, a procedure activated by the rider enables the system to learn the tyre radius and final ratio adopted on the bike in order to fine-tune the traction control.