Motorcycle Stability Control


Motorcycle Stability Control is an electronic system that prevents a motorcycle from losing control in any possible situation, be it when accelerating or decelerating in a straight line, or while cornering. This system, pioneered by Bosch, employs the use of an advanced Anti-lock Braking System along with a lean-angle sensor. The system constantly monitors and analyses acceleration, lean angles, and braking of the motorcycle it is fitted to. When it senses impending wheel lock-up when braking in a corner, it intervenes by automatically adjusting acceleration, and by distributing and applying the right amount of braking force to each wheel, thereby preventing loss of control, and in the process, mitigating a potentially fatal crash.

Bosch Motorcycle Stability Control

The Motorcycle Stability Control also works when accelerating and braking in a straight line, to prevent front wheel and rear wheel lift. While they may look cool, wheelies and stoppies are dangerous when done unintentionally. The system prevents this by utilizing the lean angle sensors to monitor front and rear wheel lift. When detected, the system automatically regulates braking in the required wheel to prevent the other from lifting up.

Currently, the Motorcycle Stability Control system by Bosch is used in high-end motorcycles from KTM, BMW, and Ducati. In the near future, as technology progresses, this system should be made affordable, making it available in all motorcycles regardless of their cost.

Jaichandran Jayapalan