Rainpal Helmet Wiper


Riding in the rain is not very pleasant as the rider has to constantly stay alert as even the slightest mistake might result in an accident. The rider has to stay alert despite being cold and wet. The visibility is also drastically reduced. Now, if you were in a car, there is no way that you would drive without turning on your wipers. What if you had a device to perform a similar function on your helmet? This is precisely the kind of thinking that led to the development of Rainpal-a one size fits-all motorcycle helmet wiper.


Rainpal is compatible with all types of helmets including Full face, Flip, open etc. The company promises a full refund if the device does not fit on your helmet. Once the Rainpal is attached to your helmet, press the button on the side to spray a fine spray of water  onto the visor. After a delay of one second, the wiper comes into action and cleans the visor thoroughly. The wiper is very thin and does not interfere with the rider’s vision. The wiper can be adjusted for speed. The Rainpal comes with a rechargeable, swappable battery pack. The battery will last for about 120 minutes.


The main advantages of the Rainpal are as follows:

  • Improved visibility
  • Reduced misting of wiper
  • Swapabble and rechargeable battery    
  • Light weight

The prices start at 49 GBP and the company is ready to ship globally. For more information visit their website. The Rainpal is an interesting piece of technology and we hope that more innovations like this make their way into the Indian market.