Smart Turn System


The turn indicator is one of the most underrated safety feature on a motorcycle. Proper use of indicators can go a long way in reducing the number of rear ended collisions on the road. Sometimes, we forget to cancel the indicators after completing a turn. This is when things get dangerous. In order to prevent this, a new safety system called the Smart Turn System has been developed for motorcycles.


What is it?

The Smart Turn System is essentially a self-cancelling device that accurately switches off the indicators when the rider completes the turn. Self-cancelling indicators are present in all cars these days whereas motorcycles usually require the rider to manually turn off the indicators after negotiating a turn. Motorcycle self-cancelling indicators are currently offered by some premium brands like Harley Davidson, Triumph etc. But these systems usually function by using a timer relay and sometimes misinterpret the vehicle’s position.


How does it work?

The Smart Turn System is a right step in the right direction for motorcycle automation. The system uses advanced motion sensing technology that calculates the bike’s trajectory and position using a large amount of data. This data is acquired by various on-board sensors. Even if the rider has used the indicators to switch lanes, the system can accurately tell when the lane switch is completed and turn off the indicators.


The STS technology is developed by ABCS Systems-a company based out of Ljubljana in Slovenia. The company’s aim is to develop next-gen technology in the field of motorcycle automation. Currently, the tech is still being tested extensively. There are two variants on offer currently and prices will start at 160$ (approx). Stay tuned for more information in this segment.

Check out the video below