TVS - Automatic Transmission Technology (TVSAT)


This technology employs an Automatic Transmission in place of conventional Continuously Variable Transmission Technology (CVT). This changes gears effortlessly through electronic control, automatically selecting the gear ratios for a particular riding condition. This enables the engine to run at its most efficient RPM (revolutions per minute) for a range of vehicle operating conditions, thereby maximizing the engine performance to achieve peak efficiency; overriding the requirement of a clutch. The engine developed for this is compact, fuel efficient and can be used across product forms like Scooter, Motorcycles and Step-Thru's. Some other important advantages of this technology are: 1. Lowest CO2 emission in Scooters 2. Low Floor Board 3. Space for luggage This technology employs an innovative ECU (Electronic Control Unit) which enhances the performance and fuel economy, giving greater convenience of riding. An advanced cooling arrangement, which is based on the vehicle motion itself, avoids use of engine driven fan, thus minimizing the additional consumption of fuel. The improvement in engine efficiency is derived through friction reduction and multi map electronic ignition control, while transmission efficiency is boosted through this new technology.