Yo Bikes Liquid cooled PMBLDC hub motor


In PMBLDC (Permanent Magnet Brush less Direct Current) Hub Motor External rotor with magnets envelopes the stator comprising of stamping, winding and sensors. They have the advantage that they do not require field winding, commutator and brushes. Because of the above advantages PMBLDC Hub motors don’t require maintenance and are Highly Energy efficient. For cooling PMBLDC Hub Motors rely mainly on convectional heat dissipation between the Stator and Rotor this cooling becomes insufficient in high power motors as the heat loss is squarely proportional to current this may reduce the efficiency of the motor considerably and in extreme case it may cause motor failure. To overcome this problem in PMBLDC motors, Electrotherm Introduces liquid cooled motor. Liquid cooled PMBLDC Hub motor maintain there operating temperatures even when high power output is required from the motor while maintaining the efficiency of the motor and proper functioning of the Sensors.