How To Lift A Fallen Motorcycle


At some point in owning a bike, there is a good chance of dropping it onto its side. It would be easy to pick up a scooter, or even a small-capacity bike, but what if you drop something much bigger, like a 200kg sportsbike or a 350kg cruiser?? Not to worry, if you use the correct technique, you can lift pretty much any bike. The following tips will help you lift your bike without breaking a sweat.

Check your surroundings

The first thing you need to do is to look around and see if there people around you who might be able to assist you. If not, its ok. You can still do this on your own. Make sure that the road you are on is more or less a level surface. Else, you might find it very difficult to lift the bike. Clear gravel and loose sand around the bike.

Inspect your bike

If your bike is quite heavy, then it is likely to have suffered some mechanical damage when it falls to its sides. Check the area around your fallen bike and if you notice any leaking fluids, then stop trying to life the bike. It makes more sense to call the motorcycle service centre in this situation. 

Think about your health

Take a moment to reflect on your health. People with lower and upper back problems are not recommended to try this method of lifting. If the doctor has told you to take it easy due to any other health complications, adhere to his/her instructions and refrain from attempting to life the bike.

The Method

  1. If your bike has an engine cutoff switch (It should), use to cut off the engine.
  2. Now, put your bike in gear. This will provide you with increased stability once you manage to lift the bike and it will also prevent rolling.
  3. If your bike has fallen to the right side, put the side stand. This will allow you to transfer weight to the stand once you life the bike.
  4. Keeping your back to the fallen bike, squat and use one hand to grip the handlebar and the other to grip any part on the bike frame.
  5. Plant your foot on the ground. Now, with a rocking motion, work your glutes and quadraceps and life the bike using the technique shown in the video below. Balance the bike's weight on your butt.
  6. Slowly, bring your feet closer and closer to the motorcycle until its standing again. Now, put the stand if necessary. 

Check out this video and learn how to lift a bike that has fallen over its side.

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