How To Wash Your Bike


When it comes to preventive maintenance, the first step is to keep your bike clean, always. Washing your bike once every two weeks will help keep it looking and performing like new for years.

motorcycle wash

Here are some tips on washing your bike.

1) Always wash your bike using low pressure water. A high pressure jet might mess up the electrical system

2) Use a mild soap or car wash solution to wash your bike.

3) Always use a soft cloth when wiping your bike. Ensure that there are no sand particles on it which could scratch the painted surfaces of your bike.

4) First, wipe the dust off the bike using a soft dry cloth.

5) Now, wet the bike by spraying water all over the exterior. If you have a fuel-injected bike, ensure that water doesn’t reach the electronic systems.

6) Dilute the mild soap or car wash in a bucket of water. Wet a soft cloth in the soap water and use it to wash the bike.

7) For hard grime, use a toothbrush. For liquid-cooled engines, use a soft brush and water to clean the dirt stuck in the radiator. Do not clean the radiator with a high pressure water jet, as this will bend the fragile radiator fins, which will reduce the efficiency of the cooling system.

8) Now, spray water all over the bike to wash away the soap solution.

9) Do not dry the bike using a cloth just yet. Let the bike stand for about half hour and wait it the water drips away.

10) Use a dry soft cloth to wipe away the excess water.

11) Use WD40 lubricant to lubricate

12) If your bike has an exposed chain, lubricate it after washing. Use the recommended chain lubricant for this purpose.


If you wash your bike too often, it will result in discolouration and premature rusting of the metal surfaces. So,  it is best you do it once every two weeks, preferably on the weekend. Before setting out on your morning commute, just clean the bike using a dry cloth.