How To Choose The Right Bike For You



While choosing a bike, the most important step is to take a test ride. Riding the bike would give you a better picture of the product than what has been highlighted in the brochures. All showrooms have a bike allotted specifically for this purpose.

 Most of the time, a test ride would mean a short trip within the vicinity of the showroom, usually on empty streets. Request the sales rep for a longer test route (about 3-5km), possibly on the main roads, where traffic is thrown into the mix. This should give you a realistic idea of how the bike will perform in real-world conditions.

While test-riding a bike, the following points should be considered:

1)      Check if the bike’s seating position suits your height. You’ll be spending long hours on the saddle so make sure you’re comfortable with the handlebar and foot pegs placement. This will prevent any discomfort and strain on the body while riding.

2)      If you regularly ride with a pillion, make sure you sit on the rear seat to check if the ergonomics are comfortable. Pillion comfort is important as it affects the balance of the bike.

3)      While taking the test ride, make sure to test the features that you are particular about. For example, if you are someone who is looking for smooth and responsive acceleration, make sure to test it from a stationary position and while in motion.

Jaichandran Jayapalan