How to Perform A Pre-Delivery Inspection



Before taking delivery of your vehicle, it is advisable to thoroughly check for minor defects or imperfections. Inform the sales representative to contact you as soon as a bike is allotted to you. Head to the showroom as soon as possible and inspect the vehicle before it is registered. Make sure to check the following:


1) Distance covered on the odometer – it should not be more than 50kms. If it is more than that, chances are that the bike may have been used before.


2) Check for scratches or dents on the body. This could indicate that the bike might have been dropped.  


3) Check the alloy wheels and the tyres for cracks. If any defects are found, insist on a replacement before taking delivery. 


4) Note down the engine serial number and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) when you are inspecting the bike. Cross reference the same when taking delivery, unless you've asked for a different unit to be alloted for you.


5) At the time of delivery, make sure you receive the vehicle with all the selected accessories, tool kit and first aid kit. Also, make sure you receive all the documents (all invoices, delivery receipt, insurance cover note and your original address proof) before riding out of the showroom. It is advisable to keep your bike invoice, insurance cover note and delivery receipts as proof of ownership until you receive your Registration Certificate (RC).


In case of any defects, please inform the sales representative and insist on a replacement before registration. In some cases, a representative may try to convince you that they will rectify a defect or an issue in the first service. We strongly suggest you don't take delivery until all issues have been addressed.