How to Run-In A New Bike



Running-in is the process where the moving components of the engine, which are fit tightly during assembly, rub against one and other, shave off the excess metal, and fit perfectly for a good seal. This will help them deliver optimum performance for the rest of their usable life.


1)      It is ideal that the bike is run at idle for 2-3 minutes at the start of every ride. This warms up the engine oil, whose viscosity get thinner when warm. This would help in increasing lubrication efficiency.  

2)      Always operate within the recommended speed/rpm range specified by the manufacturer for the run-in period. For example, the KTM Duke 200 is not supposed to be run beyond 7500rpm for the first 1000kms. Speed restrictions and run-in distances will differ from bike to bike.

3)      Vary the engine speed (within the recommended range). Don’t run at a constant speed for extended periods.

4)      During the run-in period, it is advisable not to operate at full throttle. Smooth operation of the throttle is key to a good run-in.

5)      Don’t accelerate from low RPMs when in a high gear. It will apply unnecessary strain on the engine.

Try not to brake or corner hard. Both brakes and the tyres need running-in as well to deliver optimum performance.