How to Improve Your Bike's Fuel Efficiency


 The fuel consumption of a bike can vary greatly according to the way it is ridden. Here are some basic tips that could help you better your fuel economy:

1) Don’t accelerate very quickly and stomp on the brake often. Calmer the approach to riding, greater will be the mileage you get. Accelerate gradually and maintain a good average speed.

2) Switching off the engine at a long signal or at a train crossing will increase your mileage, even if it is just for a minute.

3) Air pressure in the tyres must be checked frequently and maintained at the manufacturer-recommended level for best fuel economy. Low tyre pressure will decrease mileage, as the rolling resistance is increased due to increase in the tyre's contact patch, whereas high pressure will result in a reduced contact patch which decreases stability, even though the mileage may increase.

4) Service your vehicle at regular intervals. A well-maintained bike delivers higher mileage.

5) Don’t run the bike at a low gear for extended periods. It is always recommended to shift to the highest gear possible for good fuel efficiency. 

6) Don’t ride on half-clutch at all times. Apart from wearing out the clutch plates, it greatly reduces fuel economy.