How to avoid Dehydration during long bike rides


We get it! You are a true motorcycle enthusiast and you can’t wait for the weekend to come. You are day dreaming about the long distance ride you are planning to take on Sunday. All is well and good as long as you stay clear of one of the main obstacles in your path-Dehydration. Dehydration is your enemy and it will make you hate your ride. It will drain you energy and leave you feeling weak and irritable. In a hot country like ours, we are especially susceptible to dehydration. The good news is you can prevent it by taking the right steps. We have come with a list of preventative measures you can take to make your ride worry free.

Drink Lots of water


This might seem obvious but most of us underestimate our water requirements and we tend to drink less water than the recommended intake value. In addition to water, carry isotonic drinks with. They help replace lost vitamins quickly. Ensure that during your scheduled breaks, you drink plenty of water.

Avoid Alcohol the night before


Please avoid taking a nightcap the day before your big ride. Although you might not feel it, alcohol will start dehydrating you as soon as you take the first sip. Overnight, the process will continue and it might impair your sleep quality. Waking up feeling dehydrated and tired will, in no way, help you enjoy your ride. Also, avoid drinking after completing a long and exhausting ride. It will not help you relax. 

Avoid Coffee before the ride


Caffeine will wake you up in the morning but too much caffeine and you will crash halfway into your ride. Some studies have shown that caffeine also has some dehydrating effects on the body.

Ride during the right time of the day


Wearing proper riding gear and riding when the sun is right above our heads is perhaps the worst thing you can do on a hot day. Plan your ride properly with respect to the outside temperature. Start early in the day and take breaks during the hottest times of the day. These breaks can be used for eating, hydrating etc. and they will help you recharge your batteries.

Finally, pay attention to the signs

This is a very important tip as you should pay attention to what your body is trying to tell you and take the necessary action. What this means is, for example, if you feel lightheaded or very tired, it’s absolutely important that you rest immediately instead of riding through the discomfort.