Pre-ride inspection


On the day before the ride, it is advisable to perform a thorough inspection of the bike. Here’s a list of checks you should perform on your bike:


1) Start the engine and let it run at idle for about 5 minutes. Listen for any unusual sounds. Then go for a short spin on your bike and listen for any odd squeaks or creaks.


2) Check all the electrical systems, the battery, the head and tail lights, the indicator lights, and the electric starter (if equipped). Get the battery tested by a professional for proper functioning.


3) Check if all the fluids (engine oil, engine coolant and disc brake fluid) are all at the manufacturer recommended levels


4) Check the tread depth of both the tyres. If the tread depth is below the recommended limit (For info on how to check tread depth, click here), change the tires the tyres before riding.


5) Check the accelerator, brake and clutch levers for correct level of free-play. Refer to the owner’s manual for information on the procedure to change the free-play.


6) Check the braking action on the bike. If the braking is not as strong as it normally is, get them inspected and rectified before the ride.


 Remember, if there is any problem, get it rectified BEFORE the ride. If service is due in a short while, it is best to have it carried out before the trip. You can ride with the peace of mind that your bike will perform reliably, sans trouble. 



Jaichandran Jayapalan