Essential Safety Gear for Long Distance Riding


It’s almost Friday and you are looking forward to the long distance ride on you motorcycle during the weekend. You imagine the scenery flashing past as you zip through traffic during the wee hours of Sunday. What’s not to like? It’s all well and good as long your ride doesn’t compromise your safety. Safe long distance riding depends on wearing the right riding gear. We have compiled a check list for your journey to ensure that you ride as safely as you possibly could.

1) Helmet


Although it is illegal to ride without wearing a helmet, there are people on the road who fail to wear one for very mundane reasons like wearing a helmet makes their head itchy or wearing a helmet ruins their hairstyle. We cannot stress the importance of a good ISI/DOT certified helmet enough. The Helmet should fit well and should not make the rider feel claustrophobic. Remember, there is no price on safety so please don't compromise on helmet quality just to buy a cheap helmet.

2) Riding Jacket


The riding jacket along with riding armour protects the rider from any sort of abrasion and impact injury in case an accident occurs. Please understand that wearing just a leather jacket is not enough. In that case, please purchase the armour separately and wear it under the jacket. The jacket will also protect you against the elements..

3) Gloves


There are plenty of riding gloves available in the market. A basic glove kit protects the rider against abrasion. For those of you looking for advanced safety, purchase a leather armoured pair of gloves. These will protect you against fractures as well.

4) Armoured Pants or Knee Pads


Wearing armoured pants protects your knees and legs from fractures, impact injuries and abrasions. An alternate option is to wear thick jeans or leather pants along with knee and shin guards. Never assume that your jeans are thick enough to protect you from abrasion. There are plenty of brands out there selling top notch knee and shin guards.

5) Back Protector


The back protector is one of the most underrated riding gear. Your spine is one of the most vital and sensitive parts of your body. An injury to the spine may cause paralysis or worse. It is therefore absolutely crucial to protect your back while riding.  Wearing a standalone back protector, apart from a jacket, provides additional protection for your back. This greatly reduces the risk of injuring your spinal area.