Long-Distance Riding Tip #3: Saddle Bags



If you are planning a trip that involves riding for more than one day, get hold of a good pair of saddle bags to pack your essentials into. Saddle and tail bags increase the luggage capacity on your bike, while saving you the strain on your shoulders from carrying your luggage in a backpack. This ensures a comfortable and stress-free ride, reducing fatigue and enabling you to concentrate better on riding your bike.



Although most saddlebags can be fit onto all bikes without any modification, manufacturers also make bags that are tailored specifically to fit for a particular bike.

Choose a saddlebag based on your needs. For short trips that involve an overnight stay, just a small saddle bag would do, whereas for cross-country trips, a saddlebag, a tailbag and a tankbag would be required. Make sure to take your bike along when purchasing the bags, so that you can test which one fits best.


For those who go on long tours regularly, it is highly recommended to get your bike custom fit with hard luggage cases. Hard cases are very durable, so they can withstand heavy usage and last longer than soft bags.