Guidelines for Safe Riding



It is very important that the safety aspect of bike riding be given a very high priority and importance at all times.

It is always necessary to make sure you take the necessary precautions before and while riding to be safe as bike riding can be dangerous if not careful.

A few tips to be remembered before and while riding can be seen as :

·       Always read the owner’s manual of your bike before riding as it will give you a good understanding on maintaining and riding your bike.

·       Check your headlights, indicators and mirror.

·       Check the oil level and fuel level in your bike regularly. If the engine is liquid-cooled, the coolant levels must also be checked on a regular basis.

·       The tyres must be checked to make sure the air pressure is sufficient and the threading on the tyres is not worn out.

·       Check the cables for any cut and make sure the chain isn’t rusted or damaged.

·       ALWAYS wear a helmet while driving and protective gear if available.

·       Stick to the speed limit mentioned and never tailgate other vehicles.

·       When braking use both the front and back brakes wisely without putting too much stress on either one to get the best stopping capacity.

·       Always make sure there is a sufficient gap between you and the vehicle is front and increase the gap at higher speeds.

·       Intersections are always dangerous, break sufficiently and don’t ever jump signals.

·       Try a rider-training course if you can, it can always come in handy.

·       Above all, NEVER EVER ride when you’ve had alcohol.